Lê Nga

Trưởng phòng nhân sự
August 8, 1990

About Candidate



University of Social Sciences and Humanities
Human Resource Management
University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

Work & Experience

HR Executive 2013 - 2014
SAS HOLDING (Logistics, warehous, transportation)
HR Operation Manager 2014 - 2016
SAS HOLDING (Logistics, warehous, transportation)
HR Manager 2016 - 2021
CBC CONSTRUCTION (Civil & Build Construction)

1. HR Strategy (Manpower planning, Recruitment) - Planning and recruiting personnel according to the Business Strategy of Company. - Directly recruiting for all positions in the Company in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi branches. Recruiting Managers for MYANMAR & CAMBODIA branches. - Building Employee brand: Building and communicating recruitment brand. 2. Organizational development (O&D) Recommend solution of HR organization chart & department responsibilities. - Consulting and building new Department structure, developing job description, evaluating job performance. Building a new form system, HR operation system in the Company. - Systematize the organizational structure chart. - Build a system of job titles, level of human resources. - Developing ISO quality management system: 9001, 45001 (Examination and certification organization: Bureau Veritas). - Supporting other departments to build and operate the system of processes and forms. - Internal audit of ISO process implementation. - Support consulting units to review, update, set up documents/forms of quality management system ISO 9001, 45001. 3. HR Budget Plan & Management nalyze, build & manage all HR, Admin-related expenses (training, salary, bonus, social insurance, allowance…) and managing expenses based on approved budget. - Conduct quarterly/ annual HR reports and HR budget/ action plans for the next reporting cycles. - Analyzing and building salary system, salary budget for each position. 4. Compensation & Benefits (C&B) - Build and implementing rewards strategies such as salary structures, job evaluations and alignment of compensation and benefits to the market. - Build up performance appraisal system based on the company’s KPIs. - Manage all compensation related issues, including working time sheet, payment of salaries, social insurance, personal income tax and other requirements with relevant authorities. - Maintain pay plan and benefits program Building policies and procedure. - Take part in guiding other departments to draft & recommend internal policies and procedures. Carry out necessary administrative duties & Nature a positive, organic working environment - Conduct performance and wage review - Review, revise & build HR policies and procedures to support the company’s operations & development, to help talent engagement & retention. - Control HR budget & manage HR budget approved. - Develop and implement HR strategy and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy as required for Management. - Ensure legal compliance throughout human resource management - Bridge management and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issues. - Support current and future business needs through the development, engagement, motivation and preservation of human capital - Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system that drives high performance Report to management and provide decision support through HR metrics. 5. Talent Acquisition - Build efficient recruitment approaches to source, hunt, and develop a network of candidates. Consistently recruiting excellent staff. - Manage recruitment process: post job, screen resumes, schedule interviews, input database, evaluate candidates, generate offer letter. - Oversee all internal communication activities relating to talent acquisition. Maintain a smooth on-boarding process. 6 - Building Employee brand & Responsible for elevating the employer brand: Building and communicating Employee brand on: Online: Facebook, Youtube ... Offline: Internal communication, job fair, seminar, CSR... 6. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Establishing CSR fund. - Planning CSR activities for 01 year (at least 5 programs). - Directly implementing CSR programs such Typical projects include: Building & renovating libraries, schools... for children in remote Areas. 7. Culture and Employee engagement, Internal Communication - Building and implementing the internal communication strategy and plan: Implementing periodical activities: Radio, Internal magazine...execution to promote the culture and core values for internal stakeholders including management and staff in network. - Responsible for managing relationships with our trade unions. 8. Labor relations - Maintain Compensation & Benefits: Ensure all HR procedures related to recruitment, internal transfer, promotion, termination, and disciplinary actions are implemented properly. - Support partnered Function Head & Line Managers in driving Employee engagement activities in their Team & Functions. - Balancing the labor relationship between enterprises and employees. - Disciplinary enforcement in case of necessity. - Job termination interview. - Employee lifecycle management (Attraction, Recruitment, Onboarding, Development, Retention, Separation/promote). 9. Learning & Development (L&D) - Analyzing, planning and implementing annual training: Management training, professional improvement training, human resource training, skills training, internal cross- training ... - Make plan of quarterly and annual training; - Develop training materials, - Design a survey list of training needs, - Make cost estimation for training implementation - Organization of class, 7 - Summarize and analyze assessments after training - Build up orientation training program and other training courses for HR development. Assess training needs to apply and monitor training programs. - Building and developing talents including initiatives in succession planning. - Developing training and talent programs to improve soft skills, management, skills and knowledge to support requirements for the company and ensures that adequate coaching is provided to all employees in their current roles to improve performance and prepare them for future roles.

Deputy HRBP Manager 2021 - 2022

Company size: 1500 Personnel (BU-FOOD) 1. Resource Planning, Management HR plan & Recruitment: Directly recruiting for higher level positions. 2. Analysis of human resource health and performance promotion: Analyzing business performance based on management costs and sales to manage human resource health and performance. 4 3. Performance management. - Conducting year-end employee evaluation (360 degrees review) Coordinate with Department Heads and Directors to do evaluation for each employee; classify Human Resources (follow 9 box Model) and set OKRs for employees on that basis. - Coordinating with Heads of Department to develop HR strategy: Human resource classification plan, recruitment plan, training plan, etc. - Analyzing and implementing HR solutions to improve and achieve the expected level of performance: Based on the analysis of human resource health, providing appropriate solutions to meet the management budget and achieve the set sales targets. - Receiving the improvement needs of the Department and together with the Direct Manager to propose solutions to meet the short and medium-term needs of the Department. - Deploying OKR project to Departments for implementation (defining Objectives, setting Key Result, auditing, check in weekly/monthly evaluation process, suggesting improvements, giving feedback, and recording results). 4. Hanlde Project: E-learning apply for Sales (RSM, ASM, Sales Sup, Sales Rep)

Head Of HR 2022

Company Size: 300 Personnel. Duties: Manager the Human Resources Department. 1. Restructured HR: Organizational Structure, - Updating the Company & department: Org chart, workflow, Department, process, form… 2. Total Reward (Compensation, Benefits, Policies & Budget & for HR activities) - Implement build and reviewing about the internal rules and policies. - Review &build new salary structure. - Analyze and manage all HR & Admin-related expenses and budget - HR reports weekly/ monthly/ quarterly/ annual. - Digital transformation HR processes and policies on HR. - Build and implementing rewards strategies such as salary structures, job evaluations and alignment of compensation and benefits to the market. - Responsible for the daily such as payroll, addressing employee concerns and other employee services, benefits administration... - Build and adjustment of the budget for personnel periodically in accordance with the actual needs and policies of the Company. Ensure that the human resource budget is used effectively and economically. 3. Competence, Performance Management - Update and develop employee remuneration and benefits (Total Reward). Analyze employee roles, positions and hierarchies according to Mercer system. - Build Competency framework. - Build up & operate performance (KPI) management system. - Update and build new job descriptions. 4. Administration Management - Managing the implementation of all administrative work of the Company. - Plan and coordinate administrative procedures and systems and devise ways to Streamline. 5. Talent Acquisition & Development - Manage recruitment process (recruitment, onboarding, orientation, probation…). - Oversee all internal communication activities relating to talent acquisition. - Perform other duties as requested by superiors. - Building and developing talents including initiatives in succession planning. 6. Legal: Labor regulations, Update Labor Code, Control Social insurance, Personal income tax, ISO (9001, 14001, 45001) - Build drafting, reviewing and revising various type of Contracts as request of business operation. - Updating new legal regulations to solve issues and create favorable conditions for Company. - Support consulting units to review, update, set up documents/forms of quality management system ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 - Audit system ISO periodic quarterly. 7. Digital Transformation Project. - Deployment Microsoft office 365 premium - Deployment Misa platform.